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Agrocatalog.info - platform for promoting Agribusiness of Ukraine - agroportal.

Agrocatalog.info currently has the following sections:

  • Directory of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine
  • Agricultural catalog products of Ukrainian enterprises
  • Agricultural board. announcements of Ukraine
  • Agribusiness news

Section "Agricultural announcements"

Agricultural board. ads agrocatalog.info allows you to post advertisements "buy / sell" under the appropriate headings - both from individuals and from companies registered in the system agrocatalog.info.

To an advertisement posted by an enterprise - there is the possibility of attaching one or more products from the product catalog of this enterprise - also pre-posted on the site. The ad posted from the company will also contain a link to the company's page on the site agrocatalog.info.

In your personal account, you can track the number of views (openings of contacts) of your ads.

Agrocatalog.info provides the ability to place 5 free active ads. To accommodate more active ads need to purchase an ad package.

You can see the description of ad packs, as well as ad advertising opportunities on the page service descriptions.

Section "Directory of enterprises"

Section "Directory of enterprises" agrocatalog.info allows agro enterprises to post information about their activities, as well as the catalog of the enterprise's products by categories of one or two levels of nesting.

The company's product catalog is placed in the directory of enterprises on the company's page, as well as additionally in the section "Каталог сельхоз. продукции предприятий", where users can view products from different companies, compare prices, etc.

One user can add information about several companies. Information - "description of the activity" - can also be formatted using the built-in text editor: form headings, lists, tables, etc.

Placing information about an enterprise in the directory of enterprises agrocatalog.info is free. Access to business contact information for all users agrocatalog.info also free. It is possible to post contact information of several offices.

In your personal account, you can track the number of views (openings of contacts) of your enterprises.

After adding general information about the enterprise, you can also place the enterprise product catalog into categories of one or two levels of nesting. Agrocatalog.info provides placement before 5 goods for free.

Description of the packages of the product catalog, as well as the possibilities of advertising enterprises, you can see on the page service descriptions.