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  • 14.05.2020
  • Ad number: 32941

Capacity of optical fiber for storage and transportation of water CASS chemical waste

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Tank designed to transport water

Made in Ukraine according to TU 25.2-31060782-001:2011.

Has a built-in inside the breakwaters to repay the blows of the working fluid in the process.

Tank and lid, which operate in the environment of toxic chemicals, made of corrosion and chemically resistant materials.

the lifetime to the write-off of the annual regulatory burden - 6 years.

Tanks are manufactured using:

- fiberglass

- polyester resin;

- gelcoats;

- tank cover - produced by АRАG,Italy;

- sieve filler cap firms АRАG,Italy;

surface Treatment:

- inner tank surface is processed chemically resistant resin;

- protect against UV radiation is provided by a special gelcoat is applied to the surface of the tank.

nominal capacity of the tank of the working fluid, l5000
Version Horizontal
Form Rectangular
overall dimensions, not more mm.
length 2500
width 1600
height 1250
Weight, kg 385
the warranty Period, years 2
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