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  • 09.03.2021
  • Ad number: 33027

фрукто-овочесховища холод камер РГС Сендвіч панелі монтаж

Price: 1250 UAH

Our company performs turnkey construction and installation works of any complexity: 150 - 170 UAH / m2 with VAT;

We also supply sandwich panels made of polyurethane foam from the European manufacturer "ARPANEL" and Termo-Bud, for the construction of prefabricated, modular buildings and structures for various purposes, we supply three types: wall, roof (roofing), refrigeration with filler: mineral cotton wool, polyurethane foam (PUR; PIR, MW), all products are made on a high-quality modern line of European production PUMA 4, using high-quality metal of the first class of galvanizing from ZN 220 g / m2, steel grade S220-280GD and cover thickness 0.5 / 0 , 5 mm on both sides. Filler PUR, PIR from the European producer DOW, BASF with a density of 40 kg / m3.,

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