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  • 14.06.2020
  • Ad number: 33017

Quality repairs cardan shafts for all types of auto and agricultural equipment balanced at the factory

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we make repair of driveshafts of all types for the automotive, agricultural and special vehicles.

Replace: plugs, frogs, changing the length, replacement of hanger bearings, splines. The new production according to Your drawings.

With the subsequent dynamic balancing of all cardan shafts (including four reference).

all work and parts are warranted.

note To owners of agricultural equipment and repair crews.

Service center provides services for dynamic balancing of shafts:

chopper (sccan) with knives, threshing drum, beater, rotor of the combine, the various pulleys and screw conveyors, ventilators, and anchors of electric motors.

the Experience of more than 14 years.

Price depending on the complexity of the work, previously agreed with the Customer.

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