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  • 23.05.2020
  • Ad number: 32957

Repair of turbines at the factory of agricultural machinery harvesters trucks Services for dynamic balancing

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a Specialized service center for repair of turbines provides professional services: repair of turbines (turbochargers) for cars and trucks, buses and vans, agricultural and construction equipment, boats, scooters and yachts. As well as the exchange/sale of new or remanufactured turbochargers.

we repair turbines on modern high-precision equipment sample 2019-20g.g., used original accessories.

In this work for over 14 years.

Our skilled staff repairs any turbochargers (turbines). For example brands such as: Comprex, IHI,CZ, CAT, Greddy,Schwitser, Mitsubishi, HKS, Garrett, KKK, Holset, Hitachi, G-60, Toyota, Presizion, Turbonetics, and even Chinese.

We restore with warranty and in the factory:

- Complete disassembly and diagnosis causes of damage turbocharger.

- parts Cleaning (removal of sludge): washing, sandblasting and ultrasonic cleaning.

- Troubleshooting and replacing worn components with new original spare parts (when assembled).

- Dynamic balancing of rotor, impellers and assembled.

- On special stand average body (working speed - up to 20000об/min.)

- Further testing and running-in of the turbocharger in real terms to "hot" stand (working modes: speed, pressure of heated oil – check for leaks, etc.).

courier service at the Customer's pickup from Odessa.

* the Turbine with variable geometry system (turbo bi-turbo, biturbo, twin turbo) is additionally configured in the stand configuration of the valve (for operating modes).

** Since 2018. we have Jrone distributor in Ukraine. We have the largest warehouse of spare parts for repair of turbochargers (cartridges, shafts, wheels, VNT mechanisms, solenoid valve, repair kits, etc.)

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