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  • 15.05.2020
  • Ad number: 32943

Straw chopper hay type C1-ARS НЕСТАНДАРТ2000 Poltava

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Solomarsky universal C1-ARS is designed for grinding of:
1. rolls from 1 to 1.8 m;
2. rectangular bales 0,25х0,3x0,4 to 1,5x1,2x2 m;
3. herbal loose weight.
On of our straw cutters ARS you can shred straw, hay, corn stalks, sunflower stems, vine of the vineyard.
the Crushed mass with an average size of 30 mm is ideal for feeding cattle.
it is also possible to increase the cutting length to 70 mm.
Moreover, the design of the straw-cutter ARS (the - protons), allows you to cut wet and dry material up to 60%.
If you want to get the raw materials for briquetting or pellet production average size of from 2 to 30 mm, we complete chaff-cutter ARS hammer mill, however, the raw materials must be dry.
And last and not least, we produce a range of sizes solomont like APC, which allows you to choose the most cost effective option. The performance of a number of solomiac from 400 to 2000 kg / hour.

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