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  • 22.08.2020
  • Ad number: 33039

Sell Phacelia

Price: 85 UAH

Selling Phacelia; bag - 20 kg; sale from 100 kg. Depending on the volume of the order, the price may be negotiable. We do not answer letters, if you have any questions - call from 9 to 16.

Phacelia is an ANNUAL plant of the Aquifolia family. It can be grown not only AS A DECORATIVE, but also AS A COMPOST PLANT, as well as AS A HONEY PLANT, SIDERAT. The plant is undemanding to soil and can be grown on chernozems, loamy, peaty soils. Phacelia can grow in shade and partial shade, but prefers a sunny location. Phacelia WELL WITHOUT AUTUMN FREEZE. When growing phacelia in beds, its roots loosen and structure the soil well. Heavy soil becomes light and free flowing. As a result, the growth of the plant improves, the fruits ripen large and tasty. For the winter, phacelia protects the soil from erosion, drought and contributes to the accumulation of moisture. Phacelia AS SIDERAT can be used in different ways to improve and increase yields. To increase soil fertility, sowing seeds is carried out several times per season. Sowing phacelia can be carried out before winter or in the spring and summer. The seeds of this green manure are very small, so it is recommended to mix with sand before sowing.

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