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  • 22.08.2020
  • Ad number: 33035

Selling Hedgehog Gryastitsa

Price: 45 UAH

Selling Hedgehog (Gryastitsa); bag - 20 kg; sale from 100 kg. Depending on the volume of the order, the price may be negotiable. We do not answer letters, if you have any questions, please call from 9 to 16.

The hedgehog belongs to the family of cereals, is a loose shrub PENY-YEARS grass. It can grow on average 6 - 7 years. The bush reaches a height of 100 - 120 cm. The culture has a fibrous root system, which penetrates into the soil to a depth of 1 - 1.5 meters. SHADOWY AND DRY-RESISTANT PLANT. It grows well with moderate moisture, and excessive moisture, for example, as a result of flooding, is undesirable for this crop.

The hedgehog is used in horticulture, AS A LAWN PLANT. You can often find this culture in parks. It is actively used AS FODDER CULTURE. The advantage is the EARLY DEVELOPMENT of the plant, that is, the farm will be able to receive the fodder base in the EARLY SPRING. The hedgehog is one of the best grasses FOR PASTURES, as it can provide animals with ALREADY 6 GRANULING CYCLES.

MOWING IS POSSIBLE SEVERAL TIMES A SEASON. Large leaves, which can make up 70% of the plant's mass, are of additional nutritional value. RESTORES WELL AFTER HANDLING AND CUTTING.

The yield of hay is 50 - 70 kg / ha, it is recommended to mow before flowering. There are 50 feed units per 100 kg of hay, and up to 4 kg of digestible protein;

The yield of green mass is 350 - 500 c / ha. There are 20 feed units per 100 kg of green mass, and up to 2 kg of digestible protein;

Seed yield is 4 - 8 c / ha. Harvesting of seeds is possible in the second year of crop growth.

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