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is a complex action biological product based on beneficial soil

bacteria. This is the so-called "leaven" for the soil, when used

we return and increase the number of beneficial microorganisms,

which disappeared due to the unbalanced use of agrochemicals.

"Filazonite" restores natural processes in the soil and its structure, assimilation of mineral fertilizers, increases the amount and availability of nutrients, decomposes plant residues, promotes the formation of humus.

At the same time, the temperature, air and water regime of the soil improves, its physical and chemical indicators, as well as biological productivity, improve significantly, and soil fertility increases.

When using "Filazonit", the need for agrochemicals decreases, which leads to lower costs. Thanks to the drug, the number of harmful and pathogenic microorganisms is reduced, plants become less sensitive to diseases, and their resistance to stress increases.

Loose soil requires less cultivation costs and lower fuel costs. Filazonite is recommended for ecological, organic production.

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